Create music from your picture!
Create your original background music!

What's mupic?


Easy to create music from a picture.

Generate a score from the picture, and lets’ start music!

Check the score and add your arrangement.

Save and share your video with music.

The innovative App mupic automatically generates music from features of a picture.

You can add your arrangement to the produced music to suit your preferences.

Let’s make your original music and video!

mupic mupic

How to use

Select a Picture

Select a picture, for example, a photograph you took by your phone or an illustration you draw. When you push the play button, music will be generated automatically from the image, and a slideshow will start.

Music Will Be Automatically Generated

The image will be automatically determined to which of five feelings (Neutral、Anger、Sadness、Happiness、Surprise) it belongs most by measuring its colours and face expression. ([Feeling & Genre])
The image will be classified into seven colours and converted into a score with two octaves and four bars. ③ A key and melody will be generated from the most strong colour of the image. The melody traces the outline of the colour. At the same time, the image will be divided into four sections, and each of the most strong colours generates chords. ④ Music that composes of the melody played by an instrument, the chords by seven instruments, the bass by one, and the beat that follows [Feeling & Genre] will be generated.

Arrange For Your Original Music

[Pallet] extracts colours following the five patterns: Standard, Scenery, Rainbow, Primary colour, Monochrome. If you change the pattern, the music will change accordingly.
Besides, you can add your arrangement by changing [Feeling & Genre], the progression of [Key] and [Chord] as well as musical instruments and the play method in [Melody] [Chord] and [Bass].

Your Music and Video

You can save your music and video and share them in social networking services. If you have the copyright of the image, you hold the copyright of the music and video. You can use the music feely, for instance, to produce other music or to apply to other videos.

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